Monday, August 23, 2010

Cards, Cards, Cards...

Hello Girls...
Thanks for coming back to join me on my blog... Before I start to share the cards I made last night, I want to say "Thank You" to all you wonderful ladies that have left comments on my post. You all can't believe how encouraging all those kind comments are to me. I really appreciate the support and it truly does push me to continue to create. I love to hear all your thoughts and I really do read them all. I also want to send out a special thank you to Linda, who I recently saw had featured my little blog on her site. Linda you don't know how touched I was to see that and how honored I was that you thought of sharing my blog to all your followers, thank you. You are truly my friend.
Ok enough of the mushy... So tonight I would love to share with you some cards that I made for Munchkins DT. I tried a lot of new things with these cards. First I have never made a Halloween themed card; but these cuties, I got over at Cyn's, just called out to me. I hope you like it. It's simple I know but I really wanted to showcase these cuties.

Next we have a TGF (Hope & Grace, Sing). Well Living in Hawaii and all I just had to use her..Isn't she cute. Ok so this card is different because it's a swings up and down and all around (hey I rhymed LOL).

Last but not least, we have Soccer Popcorn Bear. Isn't he just adorable? and he is playing the best sport in the World!!! (I am a huge fan of a certain soccer team..Can you guess which one by his uniform?) I was so excited when Cyn brought this little guy in that I ran right over to Munchkins and swooped him up. The great thing about this line is that Cyn already got Christmas ones in too..

Well Thanks for stopping in again girls. I hope you like, and let me know what you think...
Big Hugs,


  1. wow! looks like you've been busy! cute cards!

  2. What a cute card! I can just see you running over to the aisle to swoop him up. Hopefully, I can get over there again real soon.

  3. Woman, you're very welcome ... I've never forgotten the warm welcome I received when I first started my blog and I love sharing new blogs with everyone! Man, you've been busy, huh? I haven't been visiting too many blogs and commenting ... but I will be very soon! xoxo, Linda


Thank you for your comment, I love hearing from all you wonderful Ladies!! all the best, NSCG