Saturday, March 27, 2010

My First Post and Haul Video..

Hello all you wonderful people visiting my little spot in the blog universe. Well first let me start out by explaining why I chose the name of my blog. Well let me say that I do hate Martha Stewart and I refuse to buy anything with her name attached to it, especially since she ruined my favorite thing in the world (paper crafting) by putting out a line of her own... anywho, when my Local craft store proprietor, Cyn, encouraged me to start blogging.. I needed to choose a name and my funny, very supportive husband suggested that I name it "I love martha stewart..." Well as you can see, and many wives would do, I went the opposite route since I don't like her... But the whole name I wanted would not fit so I came up with what you see...
Oh! By the way the name I really wanted was: I hate Martha Stewart..But I love to Craft..North Shore Craft Girl! OK, so enough of all that...Let the fun blogging begin.

First off today I want to up load a hilarious Haul video that my husband so kindly and patiently helped me create. He is so good to me... This whole Card crafting world is new to me and Cyn my local craft proprietor, has taught me so much, Thanks Cyn!... Ok so hope you enjoy.. See you all soon.

P.S. Please don't leave mean comments they will hurt my feelings and I am sorry if you like martha.. I just don't, so please don't be mad at me...BYE


  1. Welcome to Blogland! I just watched your video and it is so funny! Your husband must be a really cool guy! I love the way he described the craft items, especially the "rodent" in the tea cup! If you're new to card amking, you must have been great in your other life, because your card samples are fabulous!Can't wait to see more and I'm glad Janis told us about you!Have a great week!

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